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At its heart, BK Conversions is a team of Scottish trade professionals with many years of experience in the construction industry undertaking loft conversions, garage conversions, home extensions and general building work. This extensive experience combined with the expertise of our workforce means that we bring high quality workmanship and professional service to all of our loft conversion projects. Our central aim is the total satisfaction of all our clients. Our end-to-end, design-to-completion loft conversion service is designed to save you effort, time & money by keeping your project on time and to budget with no need for you to be involved unnecessarily. Some of our competitors insist that you engage an architect yourself whilst knowing that many architectural practices simply refuse to take on smaller domestic jobs. These companies also expect you to organise electricians, heating engineers and/or plumbers yourself for some inexplicable reason. Here at COMPANY NAME we do it all for you (although we are happy to work with your own architect if you wish).

Our Goals

The team here has experience of the whole spectrum of loft conversion types (and budgets) from large, single space office or studio projects up to a whole new suite of upstairs rooms providing a growing family with additional bedrooms, bathroom and living space. No matter what your requirements are in a loft conversion, we can satisfy them. BK Conversions strives to provide a high quality, project managed conversion experience from start to finish, resulting in a desirable end product at a competitive price. This we aim to achieve through our deployment of UK-qualified and suitably experienced construction industry professionals and our adherence to a fundamental commitment to customer satisfaction. Our belief is in doing things the right way. A loft conversion is a major structural alteration to your home so should only be carried out by those with a commitment to protecting the quality, integrity & safety of your family's home by utilising best practice and complying with building standards. Such a project is an investment in the future of your home and needs to be carried out by the right people and in the right way. Call us now 0141 280 4338 to make that investment.

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